2 11, 2014

Danai, Orestis und ein altes Piano

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For many years i thought that a piano was affordable only if you were a Pianist or quite wealthy. It was a big surprise, when i realized that you can easily find an old piano for a very small amount of money or even no money at all.

Do a research and find out yourself if there is an instrument that fits you and your pocket.
For all those who own a piano which they don’t play anymore,
maybe it’s the right time to give it away to someone who’s interested.
You will do them and your Piano a big favor!

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29 10, 2014

Liebera meets Sepp Bunk

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Last trip to Croatia in 2014 – enjoying live and teaching BASE jumping with good friends. Musik: Liebera – Desert. Editing: Stefan Vogl (Wild-Bird), Video (c) @ Sepp Bunk

23 08, 2014

Escape – Liebera


This is “Escape“ one of the 4 Tracks that “Liebera“ Recorded in 1 DAY in our Studio! It was a live Recording session that all the Band members played together at the same time! Off course we separated the drums and the guitar amps in different rooms to avoid “bleeding“ in to the mics but apart from that there were no “Overdubs“ or “Editing“ to correct mistakes etc. What you hear is the result of a “tight“ Band playing live and of course the recording and mixing experience of our Studio!